Message from the Chairman

In 2009, our company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Back in 1909, Karl Juchheim from Germany opened a pastry and coffee shop in the German town of Tsingtao (Qingdao), China, which was at that time a territory leased by Germany. However, after the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the German naval harbor Tsingtao came under Japanese military occupation, and Karl Juchheim was taken as a prisoner of war to the internment camp on Ninoshima Island of Hiroshima Prefecture. In March 1919, a display and sale event featuring works by German prisoners of war was organized at the Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition (present-day Hiroshima Peace Memorial, commonly known as the Atomic Bomb Dome). Karl Juchheim exhibited and sold baumkuchen which he had baked, and this traditional German layered cake proved to be extremely popular and rapidly sold out. Seeing that this cake suited the Japanese palate, he decided to settle in Japan.

Released in January 1920, Karl Juchheim called his family over from Tsingtao and opened a pastry store in Yokohama, and later established Juchheim’s main store in Kobe. It was a typical German store run jointly by Konditor Meister Karl who baked the cakes and his wife Elise who managed the store. The cakes and sweets baked by Karl, including baumkuchen, Frankfurter krantz (Frankfurt crown cake), teegeback (biscuits), apple pies, etc., were all very new to the Japanese people back in those days. Meanwhile, the elegant young German lady Elise attending to customers inside the pastry shop designed in a German style and managed by the foreign couple drew much public attention.

The Juchheim store, which embodied the essence of Western culture, was mentioned in Junichiro Tanizaki’s Sasame-Yuki (The Makioka Sisters) and in Tatsuo Hori’s Tabi-no-E (Pictures of Voyages), and it became known nationwide as a famous store in the exotic port town of Kobe.

Karl’s adherence to hygiene and hospitality and his wife Elise’s belief that “Mother’s homemade flavors are the flavors of nature” are our corporate concept, and we shall continue to protect and develop this safe, solid brand under the slogan: “A faithful pursuit of authentic, delicious flavors.” Our customers come to buy our products based on their trust in Juchheim. This trust is built on a sense of safety as well as expectation. It is with pride and confidence that our entire company embarks on our 101st year, not forgetting the spirit, aspirations and goals of our great founders, Karl and Elise Juchheim.

We look forward to continuing to serve you for many years into the future.

Takeshi Kawamoto
Juchheim Co., Ltd.